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The revolutionary new updated MosquitoFREE Biting Insect Trap puts the bite back on mozzies and sandflies / midges around your home by utilizing a combination of scientifically proven attractants that "ATTRACT, TRAP & DROWN" those unbearable biting insects.

The MosquitoFree Trap has been proven to catch the Aedes aegypti mosquito which is the vector for ZIKA Virus and Dengue fever plus several other mosquito species which are known to spread Ross River and Chikungunya virus virus

Years of research and development have resulted in a biting insect trap that combines several powerful attractants that have been responsible for rescuing many families from serious irritations and spoiled backyard BBQs.

The following biting insect attractants all contribute to the trapping process with MosquitoFREE!:

  • Moisture - Mosquitoes, sandflies and midges are naturally drawn and caught in the MosquitoFREE brew which breaks the surface tension of the water.
  • UV Light - The blue UV light attracts midges.
  • Colour - The dark colour of the Insect trap acts as a natural attractant.
  • Movement with Light - The spectrum lights emit a moving wavelength of light.

Once the insects are drawn into the chamber. The in-built fan forces the intruders to their death by drowning.

MosquitoFREE benefits everyone ...

Watch this Youtube video to See how it works

Each Pack Includes

  • 1 MosquitoFree Trap
  • 240v Power Transformer with lead
  • 1 Month supply of SuperBrew attractant for use in the trap.
  • Instructions
  • 12 Month manufacturers warranty


 NOTE: Traps will only be shipped to Queensland addresses ( Shipping & Handling  $12 ) , if you require other Australian states or overseas territories please contact us and we can arrange correct pricing for product and shipping.



1. How long do we have to run the unit until we notice a catch?
You will be able to observe your catch the following morning after installation as most biting insects are active during the cooler part of the day.

2. We live on the river, will the trap make a difference?
In this situation you will be able to witness the trapped biting insect populations you have caught. With continual operation over a period of a few days you will be able to sit outside knowing that the mosquitoes and midges you have trapped cannot harm you any more. Location! Location! Location!

3. How many traps do we need around our backyard? Do we need more than one?
One MosquitoFREE biting insect trap will cover an area the size of the average residential backyard. If you have two entertainment areas both sides of the house you would need to look at having two traps to combat those separate areas.

4. Where do we put the MosquitoFREE Biting Insect Trap?
Preferably undercover, indoors or outdoors. The best position for the trap is 3 to 5 metres away from doorways and seating areas or where there is prevailing breezes, these are the wind currents that the insects travel by.

5. How high off the ground do we install the trap?
The university found during their testing process that the most efficient catches were at 30cm off the ground. Many people have small children and pets and need to hang the unit head high or above which is also an extremely effective means of trapping the biting insects. It is recommended to try a couple of locations and heights to get the best results.

6. What will happen if the unit gets wet from rain?
We suggest not to operate the trap where it will be exposed to water from rain, etc.

7. What is the size and dimension of the MosquitoFREE unit?
It is 30cm high by 26cm in width. The unit is fitted with a hook to hang if required.

8. Is it Electric or Battery Operated?
The mosquitoFREE operates by a 12 volt transformer which is plugged into your domestic power outlet. The unit is also mobile and can be adapted to your car, caravan or boat with a special battery adapter (sold separately) It will also operate of the car cigarette lighter (adapter sold separately)

9. How much power does it use per 24hrs?
Power consumption is approximately 15 cents per day depending upon your power pricing

10. Is the MosquitoFREE unit noisy?
The only sound is the in-built fan which is equivalent to a computer fan. Stop any chance of breeding!

11. Will the biting insects come back after I have been operating the MosquitoFREE biting insect trap per the instructions?
Insects travel by wind currents that can blow insects back into your seating areas. These biting insects will be trapped as long as you are operating your unit 24 hours a day 7days a week and changing the water mix weekly.

12. It has recently rained will the mosquitoes return?
This is possible if you are contributing to their breeding environment. The perfect breeding grounds around your home for mosquitoes are any areas where there is stagnant water laying, e.g.Pot plant dishes, fish ponds, old tyres etc. Plants like Bromeliads are another perfect environment for breeding mosquitoes.

13. What do we do if we still notice mosquitoes?
Check the water mix has been changed and is still fresh? Make sure the trap is in operation 24 hours a day. Have you cleared the stagnant water from around your house? Try a couple of locations for best results.

14. Does it attract other insects?
It has been specifically designed to attract and trap mosquitoes and sandflies (midges), although it may attract other insects including lawn grub moth.

15. Is it a Zapper?
No, definitely not! Zappers are extremely unhygienic as they spread insect remains after impact, The MosquitoFREE biting insect trap uses an environmentally friendly attraction method that is simple but effective in combating biting insects.

16. What other units are on the market?
The other similar units on the market are Co2 gas operated and expensive to buy and have high monthly operational costs. • Zappers are unhygienic and don't claim to catch mosquitoes. • Other traps that have lights and a fan attract from one side only and are wall fixed, these traps are great for attracting moths unlike the MosquitoFREE trap that attracts at 360 degrees and is specifically designed to catch biting insects.

17. Why is the MosquitoFREE Insect Trap the best one to buy?
• It is Guaranteed to catch Biting Insects.
• The MosquitoFREE Biting Insect trap is mobile. (operates of domestic or 12 volt power supply)
• Attracts in a 360 degrees direction.
• It utilises a special UV blue light frequency.
• Has a proven combination of spectrum light attractants.
• Replaces expensive Co2 Gas models.
• Value for money and inexpensive to run.
• Unique Patented application design. MosquitoFREE Super BREW!

18. Does the Brew smell like human B.O?
The MosquitoFREE Brew emulates the human scent but thankfully does not smell the same as some peoples body odour. The scent is not strong and has quite a pleasant aroma.

19. How often do I need to change the SuperBrew?
You will find during the week that Mosquitofree SuperBrew will evaporate and become full of biting insects and loose its potency, therefore it is important to replenish the SuperBrew once a week.

20. How long does the MosquitoFREE Brew bottle last?
A 1 Litre bottle is equivalent to 8 weeks or 2 months of refills.

21. What if I spill the brew on me, or in my eyes etc, what will it do to me and what should I do?
The MosquitoFREE Super Brew has been specially formulated with a non toxic environmentally friendly ingredient. In the case of any accidental spills causing body contact, you should wash off with water and seek medical advice if necessary.

22. The dog, or my 2 year old daughter has drunk the brew what should I do NOW?
If accidentally swallowed, induce vomiting and drink water. Seek medical advice if necessary.

New updated MosquitoFREE Biting Insect Trap puts the bite back on mozzies and sandflies / midges around your home by utilizing a combination of scientifically proven attractants that "ATTRACT, TRAP & DROWN" those unbearable biting insects

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